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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

The Weight Loss Soup That Resets Your Metabolism In Just 3 Days (Plan & Recipes)
The recipe for the soup alone is valuable enough.

But in this short guide to resetting your metabolism and jump starting your abandoned weight loss efforts you'll find much more. Including:

* The rationale for an approach to cementing healthy eating habits so Blindingly Basic it's almost guaranteed Fail-Safe

* A 3-Day Meal Plan of simple yet nutritious recipes designed to reset your stalled energy-boosting, fat-burning Metabolic Engine

* Surprising Healthy Snack ideas involving unexpected weight-loss food choices such as peanut butter and Spicy Pop Corn

Can you really reset your metabolism in as little as 3 days?

You can, and in "The 3-Day Metabolic Reset Diet" you'll learn how.

Download your copy to get started.
Value = $47

From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Energy Encoded Mantras For Triumphant Outcomes!
Guess what? Living the life of your dreams is actually your birthright! It's why you came here!

This powerful audio is embedded with several forms of energy healing to help clear your blocks to experiencing successful and triumphant outcomes!

And it's all packed into a serene and uplifting meditation experience.
Value = $47

From : World Of Alternatives

Get The Money Law Of Attraction Accelerator Download
This amazing gift would be used to facilitate material gain
( i.e. the increase in wealth and material goods in this plane of existence).

Examples would be increased wealth, more property, success in jobs and business, a better car, more holidays, successful gambling, etc , etc.

You would listen to the harmonic patterns as you visualize your material desire.

Just click the button below and you are good to go!
Value = $37

From : Michael Lee

The 1 Strange Trick That Creates Life-Changing Miracles
This strange "trick" has created many miracles for tens and thousands of people...

For example ---

It has gotten near-death patients to miraculously heal at the last minute!

And turned more people with no special skill or talents to millionaires literally overnight... than any other techniques ever used!

If the Law of Attraction, visualization, affirmations, or prayers have failed you, then it's Critical you download your Free leaked PDF & MP3.

With this secret trick, you can truly command the Universe. And you'll be able to use it, in only a few minutes from now.
Value = $17

From : The Universe

Manifest An Abundant Paycheck In 2020
You are made for wealth and prosperity in your life..

But all these could be deterred by "mental blocks" and objections you have unknowingly built throughout your years on Earth..

This short read will enable you to tap into your hidden potential that you have buried deep in you..

it helps to Remove limiting beliefs and Open your gates to financial abundance!

Download Clear Your Money Blocks Gift for 8 Financial Mindset Shifts now!

Because you owe this to yourself.
Value = $67

From : Zack Anderson

Power Of Prayer
Do you yearn for a glorious life filled with love, peace and abundance?

I have the right gift that is sitting there waiting for you to claim it.

Praying truly is an activity for the mind, body and soul.

However, not everyone can get to that state in their prayers.

That is why the “Power of Prayer” was created.

This book will guide you step-by-step towards building a relationship with God by developing the right prayer mentality.
Value = $49

From : Your 11:11 Angel

11:11 Energizer Frequencies MP3s
Get 3 Full Ancient Audios that Employ Energizer Frequencies.
Wouldn’t it be great if you can tap into a great reserve of energy hidden within you?

Now, it’s possible and it’s easy with these audio tracks.
1. Apollo (396hz) – 1:00:11
2. Artemis (417hz) – 1:00:09
3. Athena (444hz) – 1:00:06
Total Running Time: 3:00:26

Benefits include:
- Gives you focus while working
- Enhances your creativity process
- To ease stress
And many more...

Download your full audio tracks Now!
Value = $97

From : Faye Herl

The Zen Calm Mind For A Life Free From Stress
Free Blessings from the Universe!

The Zen Calm Mind leads you to a more fulfilling, stress free life. Use this easy guide to a more fulfilling purpose filled existence.
Value = $59

From : Ryan Hamada

3 Rituals That Guarantee A Great Day!
Brand New: Three Rituals That Guarantee A Great Day

Great morning rituals mean a great day.

Discover 3 simple rituals to double your productivity and increase your happiness on auto-pilot.

The guarded secrets in this report are now available to you at No Cost.
Value = $67

From : Michele H Clarke

5 Days Life Reset Challenge - Face Forward You
It’s Time To Take Your Power Back!

The Life Reset Challenge and Community is for you, if:

- You feel stuck. Stagnant. Unable to move forward, even though you desperately want to.
- You are emotionally, energetically, physically or creatively blocked.
- Fear has left you feeling paralyzed, confused, lost and anxious.
- You are sick of just getting by, surviving and are ready to Thrive
- You’ve decided it’s time to Take Your Power Back!

Get ready to hit the reset button and bounce back better so you can take the first steps towards experiencing the life of your dreams. Best of all, I’ll be there every step of the way right alongside you.
Value = $197

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking
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