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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

101 Powerful Habits Worth Adopting For Super Health – Look Better. Feel Better. Live Longer!
Habits, they say, begin as cobwebs and end as mighty cables strong enough to support the weight of a life. But what of the longest possible, highest quality health life? What might the habits look like that can sustain one for the long run?

In "101 Habits For Super Health" you'll discover what it takes to live life like it matters - all while enjoying the kind of stress-free, disease-free quality of life that extends life for 10, 20, maybe even 30 years longer than might otherwise be possible.

Download your copy of this special eBook and make a conscious choice to be healthy. After all health is a gift and should never be taken for granted.
Value = $47

From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Energy Encoded Mantras For Incredible Health & Wellness
This powerful audio is embedded with several forms of energy healing to help clear your blocks to experiencing incredible health & wellness!

And it's all packed into a serene and uplifting meditation experience.
Value = $47

From : World Of Alternatives

4 Mind Sync Meditation Downloads
Alpha Meditation:
Zen meditation, visualization, memory, learning enhancement & de silva training.

Theta Meditation:
Astral projection, remote viewing, past life regression work and psychic activity.

Delta Meditation:
Shamanic trance, samadhi and clear light meditation, rebalancing of human growth hormones & DHEA in aging.

Epsilon Meditation:
Helps to coordinate left and right brain activity - creating A-HA states. Nirvanic & samhadhi experience, spiritual insight & Out of Body experiences.
Value = $80

From : rifa01

Crush Anxiety Now
Anxiety - you feel it rising, so take control and crush it, now. You know what it's like. That old familiar feeling starts to trouble you; it grows and mutates, sucking your energy, attention, and logical thought into a ball of aching tension, clouding your judgment and influencing your actions.
Value = $88

From : Zack Anderson

Power Of Prayer
I know we don’t always have it all together.

Financial worries, strained relationships, work stress, and ailing health...

Know what? Your deepest prayers have not been ignored.

Allow your deepest prayers to be answered with supernatural blessings and favor just by praying.

You’ll begin to see the difference and marvel at how easy and effective the process is.
Value = $59

From : The Universe

Manifest Financial Abundance Now
Hey, you did not stumble upon this by chance.

You are literally 3 minutes away from manifesting life changing wealth.

Discover how to..

1. Raise your Personal Vibrations to Attract The Wealth You Truly Deserve..

2. Release Old limiting beliefs and money blocks that are subconsciously holding you back from manifesting money..

3. Tune into New higher wealth consciousness to embrace free flowing prosperity into your life..

Listen 3 mins daily and watch how your money energy changes!
Value = $67

From : Amy Flynn

3 Abundance Energy Gifts For The New Year! Prosperity! Your Ideal Body! Charge An Object w/Energy!
* 3 Abundance Energy Gifts! *

* Boost Your Money Flow for a New Decade
Divine energy mp3 works on a vibrational level to align you with an Abundant Money Flow! You'll feel the power of energy alignment and Powerful Energy in this mp3. Use it daily and Know the prosperity is on the way.

* Your Ideal Body Effortlessly for 2020!
Love Your Vibrant Ideal Body with this easy Ideal Body alignment mp3. This gorgeous, powerful, channeled Meditation realigns your energy to fill you with beautiful Potent Energy to create & step into your Vibrant Ideal Body!

* Charge your objects with activated Divine Light Energy in this mp3!
Divine Light Infused mp3 will Charge & Activate a chosen object with your Energized Intentions to manifest your desires
Value = $120

From : Your 11:11 Angel

Sacred Enneagram Reading
Take this Enneagram Personality Type to help you soar in 2020.

From the role of achiever to the challenger...

Each specific role has it's pros and cons and by understanding your own role, you will begin to develop better career choices, better relationships, better spirituality and more!

If you are keen to improving your life and living the best version of yourself,

Click to request your own very Sacred Enneagram Reading.
Value = $97

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